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Expecting the Child Tax Credit?

Direct deposit into your own account is faster and safer – open a Bank On certified bank or credit union account online now and share your information with the IRS.

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Open an affordable bank account online now so you can deposit your Child Tax Credit and other emergency benefits, faster and more safely. There are 12 Bank On certified accounts available in Atlanta and the 6 accounts listed below are available to open online; for other Bank On certified account options in Atlanta, click here. Without an account, paper checks will need to be cashed in person, and you may need to pay fees, buy money orders to pay bills, or use cash in person. Additionally, prepaid cards may charge fees for using ATMs or accessing customer service, and will not allow you to load cash or other payments onto the card so you can keep your money all in one place.

You can open your own affordable, safe, and certified bank account online now, and then provide your account information to receive the Child Tax Credit and other benefits.

Step 2

Open your own safe Bank On certified account

Step 3

Share your account information with the IRS to receive your Child Tax Credit by direct deposit.

Why is a Bank On certified account right for you?

Each month, get your Child Tax Credit and other benefits like unemployment faster and cheaper through direct deposit into your own account, without having to leave home. A prepaid card or paper check can lead to fees for everyday needs, just for accessing your own money – and you may need to go in person to get your money.

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Bank and credit unions take your personal security seriously with cutting-edge software and tools to help you protect your personal financial data and keep your money safe; these accounts also are federally insured.

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These Bank On certified accounts don’t allow overdraft or insufficient fund fees, and almost all of them cost only $5 or less per month.

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These accounts have online tools to help you control your money, deposit your paycheck, and pay your bills – all free of charge.

Ok, which banks and credit unions offer these Bank On certified checking accounts and can be opened online?

These 6 safe and affordable banking accounts can be opened online and are certified by Bank On:

To open your new account online, you may need:

  • Social Security Number or ITIN number
  • State-issued identification (like your Driver’s License)
  • Passport or a country-issued identification card
  • Mailing address
  • Date of Birth

Each financial institution has its own process for account opening. The 6 accounts listed above can be opened online, but other banks and credit unions may require you to verify your identification or make your initial deposit in-person at a branch.

Want to see more certified accounts?

There are over 100 available across the country.

Find One Now!

Having trouble opening one of these accounts? Contact the customer service of the bank or credit union where you want to open your account.

Once you open your new account — then what?

Share your new account information with the IRS to directly deposit the Child Tax Credit, starting with the August payment, via their Child Tax Credit Update Portal. You can also use the account to receive unemployment benefits or other payments by direct deposit. You will need to enter your new bank or credit union account number anywhere you are receiving payments; get in touch with the agency you are receiving benefits from to find out how you can enter this information. Learn more about the Child Tax Credit.